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Factory backed lifetime warranty auto window films that will never fade purple are the films that  the tinters at Tint Depot customers install.  These automotive tints look great on your truck, car, suv & every vehicle in your home with warranties to back up the quality.  Rest assured with the following High Performance GWF window films:

  • HP 5%  Limo Auto Tint
  • HP 20% Med Auto Tint
  • HP 30%  Legal Houston, TX Front Window
  • HP 35%  Legal Houston, TX Front Window
  • HP 70%  Virtually transparent Light Window film that blocks UV

Performer High Performance Auto Tint:  Something that takes action from the requirements, to fulfill.

The Performer automotive series does just that, it performs.  A high performance auto window film with color stable non reflective dyed film, and a layer of metallized polyester film to reject the Houston heat.  This series of auto tint provides good looks & high heat rejection which always rejects 99% of the harmful UV rays.

Tint Supply
1404 Reid Street
Houston, TX 77022

Midwest Tint Supply, SCF
1220 N Price Rd; B
Saint Louis, MO 63132

The nano ceramic films have amazing energy rejecting properties & are virtually transparent.  Lighten up with transparent ceramic films that block the heat, up to 65%.

Architectural Specifications

                                                            Solar Energy                             Visible Light

                                                              T                   A               R               T                   A           Int R      Ext R       UVR         SC            SHGC          TSER

Ceramic Line

Ceramic 70                                  47               43            10            69               20        11           11             99             0.62       0.53            51

Ceramic 60                                  48               43            9               57               34        9              9                99             0.61       0.52            52

Ceramic 50                                  30               46            24            53               31        13           16             99             0.53       0.45            56

Clear 85 (IR45)                          52               42            6               76               17        7              7                99             0.70       0.64            36

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